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Payment now through PayPal's system. You can either pay using your PayPal account or use one of the major debit / credit cards through the PayPal system .Payment taken out of your card or bank account in the normal way. Just follow the payment instructions and make your choice.If you have any queries before making a purchase , please feel free to email for further details.
Please advise by email if you have any difficulties with the processing of your order. We have had a slight glitch in the system recently
Carriage costs are calculated as accurately as possible based on the latest shipping rates we have available from the current company we use . We may change the company from time to time depending on rates etc. The shipping charge to your destination either within the UK or outside the UK will appear in your final checkout total depending on your country selected for delivery . Any variations causing higher transport costs  outside our control may result in having to contact you to advise on any extra carriage costs , which  we cannot absorb at our expense. In which case we will give you the option of a refund and  to cancel the order , if you do not wish to accept the additional charges - but whenever possible we will always try to avoid this situation arising.
All carriage costs (both ways) are at the buyer's expense and will only be waived by the seller under certain circumstances  and at the seller's discretion .
Where you may be considering ordering 2 or more items , we may consider reducing the accumulated carriage charge if it seems excessive.  So please contact us if you would like a quote for carriage for several items . e.g. 2 guitars in UK may incur a total cost of around £20  to send when ordered but we may actually be able to send for less if both are packed in one carton. We will adjust the cost later as a refund ,if we agree to a lower shipping cost in advance.

If you order from us - you are responsible for all carriage costs for whatever reason - including returns if you are dissatisfied with the goods. Should a return be necessary due to a guarantee fault - we will cover the cost of returning the repaired / replaced unit to you. If goods are received damaged - you must report this damage both to ourselves AND in writing to the CARRIER in question WITHIN 48 HOURS to ensure that a proper claim can be lodged.Please sign for goods 'unexamined' or sign 'damaged carton on receipt' if any rips or dents are evident. UK customers may have a right to return goods if dissatisfied within 7 days.However , they must be returned , insured and at the buyer's expense in the original condition and packaging as sent and after prior agreement with the seller.A refund will only be made if the goods are received back and after inspection  and are found to be in the same condition as when sent.

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Regular stock of new, used and vintage†- Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Tanglewood, PRS, Yamaha, Korg, Boss, Marshall, B C Rich, Ibanez, Aria,†Gretsch and more. Guitar models normally include Les Paul, SG, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, Precision Bass etc.